Original XBOX OEM Fat Black Duke Controller Pre-Owned


The Xbox game controller, which sports the “jewel” logo, is built for maximum control and comfort. Its design is the result of thousands of hours of usability testing. It features an eight-way directional pad (D-pad), left and right analog sticks, left and right shoulder triggers, six pressure-sensitive multicolored analog buttons, dual slots for memory cards and other peripherals, and a built-in “rumble” feature to increase gaming realism. The controller also features a 9-1/2-foot-long cord to give gamers the freedom to sit nearly anywhere they want during gameplay.


This is a pre-owned original XBOX OEM Duke fat game controller.

  • This is the original duke controller that came with the original XBOX gaming console.
  • Vibration support
  • Classic design featuring the original Xbox animated startup screen played right inside the Xbox button
  • Vibration feedback for realistic experiences; Precision analog triggers and bumpers that mirror the Black and White Buttons
  • Classic X, B, A, Y, LT, RT, Black (RB), and White (LB) button layout (including Option and View buttons)


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