Check out the ultimate modded original XBOX system.  It is designed to let you play all the games based on multiple classic gaming consoles.  In addition, it comes with a ton of original XBOX games.  For media, it comes with XBMC the ultimate home media software.

Check out the full description of our modded system.

Budget 320 GB Modded XBOX Full of Class Games

This is the basic modded original XBOX with over 30K+ games and many of the all time best games.  Enjoy hours of entertainment from one original XBOX.  Please read the full description.  The unit might come with some defects.

Ultimate Modded Original XBOX Gaming System

Simply the ultimate modded original XBOX.  Comes in 320 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB options.  All systems featuring Coin Ops 8 and Premium Massive gaming sets.  This XBOX has been optimized to run all the latest and greatest arcade emulators from multiple classic gaming consoles. The 2 TB system has plenty of room for expansion and add-on games.

Save and Upgrade Your Old Original XBOX to the Ultimate Gaming Console

Do you already own an original XBOX console that’s fully working or broken?  We can save you some money by upgrading or repairing your old original XBOX.  We can turn your old console into the ultimate gaming machine.  Contact us to find out more.

Video Preview of Our Modded XBOX Systems

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Customer Testimonials

Here is what one of our customers have to say about us:


Its just like advertised 30,000+ emulated games, 50+ emulated consoles, 80 original xbox games, on the system, was shipped quickly and in great condition, works with no problem, its just as advertised, its tons of fun,you simply turn on the system, and get ready to be lock into the couch for hours of old school gaming, your gonna be playing and enjoying every old school game ever imaginable from your childhood, the arcade emulators alone are worth it weight in gold, but most important is the great customer service your gonna receive from Sprinkle Boutique….

This system totally kicks butt!  Amazing amount of games and endless fun! Rick

Totally approved gaming system! Sharon

Hours and hours of total fun! Denzel

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