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According to Microsoft, the NPD Group’s monthly report gives the best selling console title for August to the Xbox One.

Attributing the numbers to the recently launched Xbox One S and thanking its fans, Microsoft used the opportunity to take a jab at Sony, who yesterday revealed the long-rumored PlayStation Neo, officially called the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Xbox One S “is the only console available this holiday with built-in UHD 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and HDR for video and gaming,” a not-subtle-at-all dig at the PS4 Pro’s lack of 4K Blu-ray support.

Last month, Microsoft also claimed the top-spot in console sales, but in actuality it was the best 8th generation console for the period. It’s an important distinction because it leaves out Nintendo’s 3DS, which was the over-all top selling console last month.

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