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If you’ve already watched all 10 episodes of The Man in the High Castle: Season 2 then you can read on for my thoughts about how everything ended, with full spoilers. If you haven’t started, or finished, Season 2, then you can read the non-spoilery Season 2 review here.

Let’s dive into some things that I couldn’t touch upon in my review, namely the death of Hitler and how it worked to bring all the separate stories together for the third act. Season 1 set up an underlying mystery involving a cabal of Nazi traitors eagerly awaiting Adolph’s death so they could overtake Japan and secure the entire world. John Smith put a stop to it then and, funny enough, he did the same again in Season 2. BUT, it came as a collaboration with both Kido and Tagomi and it was very interesting to see how these authority figures — these “villains” — all came together to save the world. Meanwhile, at the same time, the resistance movement was peppered with more ruthless and morally questionable characters which, essentially, painted the group in a rather off-putting way and that dichotomy worked well.

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