This controller is among the most loved ones especially for customers that are on a short budget, or need two controllers at a price of just one. This affordable gamepad comes in shades of navy and black and it features two analogue mini-sticks, two button/trigger combos, a D-pad, four programmable action buttons (A, B, X, Y), and the mandatory ‘back’, ‘start’ and ‘mode’ buttons. It is designed in the manner of the PlayStation controllers, so it feels familiar even the first time you get a grip on it. Apart from the design, it also features the basic functions of the aforementioned controller – vibration excluded.   On the underside of this gadget, a toggle can be found, allowing you to shift between XInput and DirectInput.

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Once the original package is open, except for the gamepad itself, you’ll find the warranty card, an installation disc (profiler program) and the manual. The installation of the device is as simple as it gets and it only takes about two minutes.

Although the buttons and the D-pad react normally, the thumbsticks, however, clearly have a deadzone of 2.4mm and an acceleration as soon as the F310 detects movement. As a result, it’s not as precise as some other controllers tested.

The handles could be a bit longer, and the surface maybe a little less smooth in order for the controller to stay in place even with a looser grasp, but when all is said and done, the F310 feels quite comfortable in hands, especially due to the deep grooves under the handles. This controller could be considered ‘light-weight’ so it’s perfect for long gaming sessions.

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The F310 might just turn out to be the only controller you’ll ever need, considered Logitech aims to include support for as many games as possible. As mentioned earlier in the article, it features a switch that changes the inputs, so it can be used on new PC titles as well as the older ones.If on the off-chance the game itself doesn’t support a controller, you can use the disc that comes with the F310 to install a profiler program that assigns any keyboard or mouse input to a button of your choice.

Would I recommend the Logitech F310 gamepad?

If you’re looking for a real good value for money – yes, definitely. It might not be the most sophisticated controller, but it sure is practical, it works perfectly and it comes at a low cost.

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