Original XBOX Upgrade Service

If you have an old XBOX that you would like to be refurbished and upgraded to play all the retro games like the system we have, you can do the following:

  1. Contact Us and let us know you are interested in upgrading your old XBOX.
  2. If you have any problems with the current XBOX, please describe them carefully.  If your XBOX has an service code when it boots up, please take a picture of it or let us know the error code.
  3. If your XBOX does not boot at all, it might not be possible to save it so please describe your problem carefully.
  4. You can just mail us the XBOX console by itself.  Please use good packaging material since it will most likely be the same material we use to send the unit back to you.  We are not responsible for any damages during shipping.
  5. We will do the following for your XBOX console:
    • Inspect and make sure there are no issues.
    • Do a cleaning of the XBOX console.
    • Upgrade the XBOX to the hard drive size of your choice.
    • Provide all the parts and hardware required for the upgrade, including the new hard drive.
    • Test the new system to make sure it is up and running.
    • Return the new console along with the original hard drive back to you.
    • The return shipping cost is included in the price.
    • Repair any problems in the future.  Cost of the repair will vary depending on the problem.

  6. We will refurbish, clean, and upgrade your old XBOX.  Go here to see different service charges for upgrades to 250 GB, 320 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB system.


Please contact us if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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