Lock’s Quest is an ongoing system amusement, fusing tower resistance gameplay components. The war zone, seen from an isometric viewpoint, is shown on the DS’s base screen. Battle is separated into two stages, Build and Battle. Amid the Build stage, the player has a restricted measure of time and assets to develop guards, which comprise of dividers, towers, guns, machines, and traps. Once the Build stage closes, the Battle stage starts.

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The diversion is set in a kingdom, fabricated utilizing a puzzling substance known as Source. The manufacturers of this kingdom, the Archineers, contemplated source trying to better comprehend its properties. The best archineer was Agonius, who found a genuinely striking property of source – that it can imitate life. Agonius began making similar creatures from the source, yet the King, who comprehended the threats of this, requested Agonius stop his work. Agonius won’t, as was exiled from the kingdom.

Looking for retribution upon the King, Agonius took on the position of Lord Agony and made a perfect timing armed force with the plan of crushing the kingdom. A war followed, with substantial losses on both sides. In the end, two kingdom archineers, Kenan and Jacob, invaded Agony’s fortification. The correct way of the occasions that happened in that are not uncovered until the finish of the amusement – all that is known, at initially, is that Agony was vanquished, and Jacob was missing, assumed dead. Kenan, now a legend, took up the position of Chief Archineer.

The amusement itself starts a few years after the occasions above. We are acquainted with Lock, a young fellow living in a waterfront town, alongside his sister, Emi, and granddad, Tobias. At the point when this town (and without a doubt the whole kingdom) is assaulted by another armed force of clockworks, under another Lord Agony, Lock enrolls as an archineer and battles the clockworks. After quite a while, the Kingdom constrain wins and the new Agony is crushed. At the peak of the plot, it is uncovered that the new Lord Agony is none other than Jacob. Long back, when Jacob achieved Agonius’ chamber, he discovered Agonius a slight and broken man. He additionally found the youthful Lock, who was himself precision, the best formation of Agonius. Jacob took Lock and raised him as a human, under the appearance of Tobias. He made Emi, who is additionally accuracy, and the town in which Lock was raised.

Toward the finish of the amusement, the King reveals to Lock that, in spite of being perfect timing, he was genuinely alive, in light of the fact that Agonius had given Lock his spirit. On the other hand, Jacob couldn’t force himself to relinquish his spirit so as to give Emi genuine life, thus in time, Emi would essentially disintegrate to clean.

Nonetheless, it is inferred that Jacob, humble and troubled for having battled against the Kingdom, did inevitably do as such at Lock’s ask for, and the last scene of the diversion is Lock and Emi playing tag on the shoreline.

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