Upgrade or Repair Your Original XBOX

We have received many requests from gamers to customize their modded system.  We are happy to do that.

On the units we sell, you will get these base system based on the hard drive size you selected.  If you want any customization on the unit we sell or the one you send it for refurbishment, we can do it for the following labor fees:

  1. We can delete any games off the system for you for $1 per game.
  2. We can add any games off our master list for $2 per game.  Please check the system you want to order and how much space is available to add additional games.
  3. If you are looking for a particular game that’s not on games available, we can see if we can find it for you.  In that case, the cost is $4 per game.
  4. Please check different modded systems and how many additional games can be added to each system:



Original XBOX customize, repair, or upgrade

Customize, Repair, or Upgrade Your Original XBOX Console

Order any of the following:

  • Customization of your original XBOX console
  • Repair your broken original XBOX console
  • Upgrade your original XBOX console
Order customization, repair, or upgrade

Ultimate Modded Original XBOX Console

Ultimate Modded Original XBOX Consol

  • 320 GB system
  • 1 TB system
  • 2 TB system
Order Ultimate Modded Original XBOX console

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