Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu is a 3D fighter developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for the PlayStation 2 (on October 16, 2003), Xbox (also on October 16, 2003), and GameCube (on November 11, 2003). The fourth and last Batman video game to be based on the animated TV series The New Batman Adventures, approximately 2 gamers can play as either Batman, Batgirl, Robin, or Nightwing, as they team up to remove four of Batman’s supervillains: master of worry Scarecrow, shapeshifter Clayface, juiced-up warrior Bane, and a brand new adversary (warlord of Asia, Sin Tzu).

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Batman goes around the streets eliminating the criminals in Gotham City. Later on, he gets a news that Commissioner Gordon is in trouble by the hands of Scarecrow, and continues to conserve him. While doing so, he touches with Scarecrow about trying to spread his worry gas throughout Gotham.

By the time Batman goes to the museum, he finds Gordon impacted by the worry gas and confronts Scarecrow. He beats him and punches him, sending Scarecrow struggling to be hanged, however Batman saves him and arrests him.

Batman goes to the Axis Chemicals factory to be challenged by clay-like henchmen. He is in contact with Clayface informing him that he prepares to spread his chemical through all of Gotham, turning everybody into like him.

After surviving Clayface’s henchmen, Batman confronts him in the rooftop. After beating him, Clayface tells Batman that there is somebody who will take control of Gotham. When Batman demands to know who is this person, Clayface passes out.

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Batman enters into contact with Sin Tzu, the warlord of Asia. He tells him that he will stop his plot, if only Batman knows where Sin Tzu is hiding.

He goes to the docks to stop Sin Tzu’s weapon. By the time he gets into the Batcave, the weapon is revealed to be Bane. He says that he is the weapon of mass destruction. After being beat, Batman has Bane knocking him out, however not before telling that by the time he woke up, he will forget where the Batcave is.

Simply then, Sin Tzu calls Batman about their battle. The latter determine that the former is concealing in Arkham Asylum. Batman goes to the sewers in order to gain entry.

While looking for Sin Tzu, Gordon calls Batman to inform him about Sin Tzu’s capability, Yanjin, a mind control design which is how he has Scarecrow, Clayface, and Bane into his side. Gordon cautions Batman that Sin Tzu’s thugs would attempt to utilize the power on him, but Batman reassures that there will be no result to him.

Batman gets to Sin Tzu and beats him.

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