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Take your standard Brave Dream, except replace that hero with an Anti-Hero Jerkass, “a sardonic and opportunistic artist and adventurer, owned by carnal rather than honorable pursuits”. The Bard (who is never ever recognized by a particular name) is not interested in saving the world, his simple motivations being strictly “coin and cleavage”. Then have his mission told by a mocking, prejudiced male who can not stand him.

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The Bard, after getting burned by and subsequently slaying a giant, fire-breathing rat, ends up being hired by an old man to assist release a princess named Caleigh. As a result of this, the Bard discovers himself being assaulted by a variety of enthusiasts from a Druid-like cult, sent out to dispatch him by a being called Fionnaoch. On the way to complete his mission, the not so worthy anti-hero will have to overcome the really frightening challenges of three monstrous guardians, break-dancing corpses, spontaneously sweet-sounding goblins and a giant, fire-breathing rat.

Has nothing to do with the video games of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy (the first game being entitled The Bard’s Tale [1985], although it does have a few shout outs to it (and some editions consist of the earlier games as an additional). To be reasonable however, this game was expected to be a remake of the original game, but inXile Home entertainment didn’t have the rights to the initial game as Electronic Arts held the rights to the series. The game was developed by inXile Entertainment, who are now also dealing with The Bard’s Tale IV, a true follow up to the initial trilogy.

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