Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding, Tenku: Freestyle Snowboarding (天空 -Tenku- Freestyle Snowboarding Tenkū -Tenku- Furīsutairu Sunōbōdingu?) in Japan, is an Xbox special snowboarding video game. It is the first of the Amped computer game series.

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Launched during the Xbox’s launch, Amped is a snowboarding game concentrated on the techniques, instead of the racing style of play provided by Electronic Art’s SSX which released with the Sony PlayStation 2 in the previous year. The success of Amped was strengthened by the effective launch of the sequels Amped 2 and Amped 3.


Utilizing the Xbox’s built-in disk drive, Amped enabled entire mountains to be packed concurrently, permitting entirely free-style runs modelled on real resorts, rather than the linear courses of other snowboarding titles.


The game also includes snowmen which players should overrule in order to advance their Career Mode characters’ expedition choices.


Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding is the first snowboarding video game to be concentrated on freestyle riding versus racing. The video game puts players at the top of real-life mountains such as Utah’s Brighton or California’s Snow Summit and enables them to make their method down the mountain nevertheless they decide to. Record the attention of camera guys and sponsors on the way down by pulling amazing techniques. Gain enough media attention and you’ll find yourself on top in addition to other snowboarding superstars.

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