About Us

We have been in business for over 10+ years.  Here is what we are about:

We are a green company.  We believe in saving the earth and recycle as much as possible.  There are millions of these old gaming platforms out there.  Many of them are sitting at people’s homes doing nothing.  Some are being thrown out to the garbage and if not recycled properly, can cause severe damage to the environment.  Below are just some articles on problems electronic waste can do to the environment:

There are still plenty of usage out of these old original XBOX gaming consoles.  We can refurbish, recycle, and make them into useful entertainment consoles again.  Many of the original XBOX have DVD drive problems.  We can expand the internal hard drive and put games on the hard drive where you don’t need to rely on the DVD drive.  We can put old school retro games on them.  There are many of us who still enjoy games that are no longer available.  We can install old school console emulators on those old XBOXs and make them the primary entertainment piece in your living room again.


SprinkleBoutique Going Green

You can purchase a refurbished unit from us here or contact us if you have an unit that we can upgrade and refurbish for you.

We are doing our little part to save the environment and bring an old machine back alive instead of letting it go to landfill and damage the environment.  All of our consoles are refurbished and tested.  We also use recycled shipping boxes whenever possible.

We are an established eBay seller with excellent reputation.


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